Logic Power has been the Sole Licensed Tool Manufacturer of Microchip Tools in India since 2004 & has been into Embedded Development since 1989. Logic Power Tools are manufactured with the same standards as seen in Microchip Tools, including 4 & 8 layer boards with similar performance. Logic Power has sold nearly 40,000+ Tools till date - including Programmers, Debuggers, Evaluation boards, Development boards and finished products.

Logic Power is a Certified Trainer for Microchip Architecture in India and has trained more than 5,000 Engineers, Students and Academicians. Logic Power regularly conducts the Microchip certified courses in Pune and Bangalore at Microchip RTCs. Logic Power has conducted many onsite Microchip workshops in various cities in India (Industries and Colleges/Universities). The Course Schedules are displayed on our website.

Logic Power advises customers to buy Licensed Microchip Tools manufactured by us instead of clones which are not of international manufacturing standards and which are neither compatible to Microchip’s MPLAB IDE nor have after sales technical support.

Logic Power Licensed Tools have been tested by Microchip US for performance analysis in comparison with Microchip’s own original tools and have been given the permission to manufacture and sell the Licensed Tools in India. Logic Power’s stall is always present for all Microchip’s India Masters annual conferences and is recommended by all Microchip India offices to customers as the first option to buy in terms of technical and after sales support.

For Students, Professors, Beginners, Knowledgable Engineers, etc., buying clones from electronic dealers and shopkeepers or from the grey market can be a very frustrating experience especially when the clones don’t perform or stop functioning. The manpower associated with such electronic dealers and shopkeepers are incapable of solving an engineer’s application issue due to their inadequate qualification and reluctance to help. Hence, we are tying up with many such dealers, shopkeepers and online portals to stock Logic Power Tools at very competitive rates, after explaining the advantages over clones. Such an arrangement will greatly benefit end customers. Please insist on Logic Power Licensed Tools for all your Microchip project applications the next time you visit your local dealer.

Logic Power has a structured Support Department with qualified engineers and international standard defined procedures. All Logic Power Tools come in neatly and professionally packed boxes with CD, User Brochures and Warranty cards. As a customer who has bought Logic Power Tools, you have a direct access to the Logic Power Support Team for any technical issues which might or might not be related to the Tool you have bought. We will strive to provide you all technical help within our scope.

Logic Power had also designed and developed embedded projects on a technology transfer basis for customers who wish to manufacture themselves. Logic Power has trained many Engineers from such customers on the Microchip Architecture thus enabling the company to possess a skillset to immediately implement applications.


"We are committed to meet customer’s needs and expectations by delivering competitive product, services and solutions through continuous improvement of our systems."

Quality Objectives:

  • Deliver services and solutions that meet customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Improve productivity and service.


  • 8051 Programming Tool for microcontrollers of NXP, Atmel, Winbond and SST.
  • Embedded Systems Development board for 8051 & PIC.
  • Pre-programmable Logic Controllers for Automation Projects, specifically for Warehouse Automation.
  • Debugging and Programming Tools for PIC 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers like ICD3, PICkit 3, ICD2, PICkit 2, etc. under license from Microchip USA, for India Region. Sole 3rd Party Licensed Tool Manufacturer for Microchip Tools & Boards in India.
  • Development/Evaluation/Demo Boards for PIC 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers like EXPLORER 16, dsPICDEM 1.1 PLUS, PIC18 EXPLORER, PICDEM 2 PLUS, etc. under license from Microchip USA, for India Region. Sole 3rd Party Licensed Tool Manufacturer for Microchip Tools & Boards in India.
  • Technical Hands-on Training Workshops on Microchip PIC 8/16/32 bit Architecture at Microchip RTCs (Regional Training Centers) in Bangalore and Pune. Sole 3rd Party Certified Trainer for Microchip in India.
  • Technical Hands-on Training Workshops on microcontrollers, for Corporate/Industry/Academy engineering executives at CETE (Center for Electronics & Test Engineering) a Central Government Institute, under the Ministry of IT & Communication, and an Indo - German Venture.


  • 8051 MCU based D.G. Set Control System, for 62.5 KVA Gensets (of Greaves Ltd. make), installed at ANTARCTICA (via the Indian Army), with the Communications Software on PC, to link up with the system. This Control System is used to measure all the Alternator Parameters (3 phase Voltages, Currents, Frequency, Power, Power Factor, etc.) & Engine Parameters (RPM, Temperatures, Pressures, Flow Rate, etc.) The above data is transmitted serially to a PC, to be plotted graphically on screen. Since these units have been installed at Antarctica, the units were subjected to a rigorous testing procedure at R&D, Dighi, Pune (a Defense Research Institute), by way of monitoring the performance in test chambers for temperature cycles of -30°C to +55°C, & for humidity.
  • 8051 MCU based Computerized Test Bench Data Acquisition System (DAS), for various types of Gensets (AC/DC, Star/Delta, Low/High Frequency, range of 0.5 KVA to 125 KVA , etc.), installed at R&D, Dighi, Pune (a Defense Research Institute) against a Tender Order. The DAS (Data Logger + inbuilt Digital I/O control), with its own Keyboard/Display for Online mode of operation is housed in a large Instrument panel, having sub-racks. Measurements of AC Voltages, Currents, etc. are done, using the True RMS mode. Commands for various Test Cycles can be initiated from a Master Computer, in the Remote mode of operation to control & select corresponding Sensors situated in a remote Electrical panel & record all the necessary parameters to be logged. Commands can also be directly entered on the DAS terminal. Software is menu driven & user friendly. The results of the Test Cycles may be downloaded into the Master Computer for a Graphical Display/Printout for further Analysis/Test Reports. A remote Slave Computer is also linked to the DAS, where senior authorities may observe any Test Cycle in progress online.
  • Motorola 68HC11 MCU based Power Line Monitoring & Control (PLMC) System, at the Osho International Commune, in Pune. There are eight PLMCs installed at their eight sub-stations, which monitor the power parameters & serially transmits (on the DIN MSBUS, Fieldbus, isolated RS485 type) to a server. The client application consist of Energy Saving Algorithms, Load Shedding, Graphical Representations, all developed on the Lab view (of National Instruments) platform.
  • NXP 89C51RD2 MCU based ASRS Controllers, for Control & Monitoring of Stacking Retrievers in Material Handling applications within the purview of Warehouse Automation. These are multi-processor systems to communicate with an MMI & a PC simultaneously. Communication distances are large, & the protocol used is RS485 isolated. The Controllers have to run in a very electrically noisy environment; hence a lot of safety interlocks have been built-in for the hardware & for the software. Front- end software, on PC, is a VB application for Inventory Control, with facility to interface with SAP/ERP etc.
  • PIC 16F628 MCU based Infra-Red Curtain Protection Systems. The Transmitter & Receiver circuits work on Modulation & De-modulation techniques using 38Khz Carrier Frequency.
  • Embedded System Tools, like Flash MCU Programmer & Development Board. The MCU Development Board is useful for developing 8051 & PIC applications. For the Flash MCU Programmer, the front-end software, on the PC, has been designed using VB, with the MCU device database located in MS Access.


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