Product Title : PIC18 Explorer

Product Category : Development / Demo Board

Part No : LPPIC18-DM183032

MRP : rupee 5,000.00

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This low-cost demo board is for evaluation of our PIC18 MCU families. PIC18 is having highest performance in 8-bit architecture & has three different families: standard PIC18, PIC18 J-series and PIC18 K-series. This single development board supports dozens of the general purpose PIC18 families using various processor Plug-In Modules (PIMs). PICtail daughter boards enable many different accessory boards to connect to the PIC18 Explorer board for a flexible and complete development environment.

·         PIC18 Explorer Demonstration Board.
·         RS232 cable.
·         Board-mounted PIC18F8722 and an alternate PIC18F87J11 mounted on a Plug-In Module (PIM).
· CD-ROM that contains:
- Sample programs, source code and Hex files.
- PIC18 Explorer Demonstration Board User’s Guide.
- Other referenced documents.
·         Warranty Card.


·          Supports Microchip’s 8bit PIC18 devices with Plug-In Modules, supporting 28 to 80-pin PIC18 devices. 
·          PICtail daughter board connector for connection to standard expansion boards such as  Ethernet, speech playback, and others. 
·          Expansion connector accesses full device pin-out and breadboard prototype area 
·          Convenient connection for MPLAB PICkit3, ICD3 or REAL ICE for in-circuit serial     programming & debugging.
·          Alpha-numeric 16X2 LCD display .
·          USB interface for USB to RS-232 communication. 
·          25LC256 SPI EEPROM. 
·          Onboard 8MHz Crystal oscillator. 
·          Potentiometer (connected to 10-bit A/D, analog input channel). 
·          Analog output temperature sensor. 
·         8 LEDs , 3 Switches.
·         SPI I/O expander – For LCD display, MCP23S17.
·         Prototype area – For user hardware.
·          DB9 Connector for RS-232 serial communication. 


·          Power supply connector & on board  voltage regulator, capable of operation from 2.0V to  5.5V.
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