Product Title : PICkit 44-Pin Demo Board (PIC18F45K20)

Product Category : Development / Demo Board

Part No : LP-DM164130-4

MRP : rupee 800.00

Available Stock : 10

(Next Available Stock : 10 on 27/02/2018 )

This is a small demo board with a PIC18F45K20 device on board and a small, surface-mount prototype area. Use it with a PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger to program your code via a 6-pin ICSP header on the board. This 44-Pin Demo Board also comes bundled with the PICkit 3 Debug Express if you order the LPPK3-DV164131.

44 Pin Demo Board

·         44-pin Thin Quad Flat pack (TQFP) with PIC18F45K20 microcontroller
·         Eight LEDs
·        10K pot to elaborate ADC functionality of PIC18 MCU’s.
·         Test points to access the I/O pins of the MCU.
·         Surface mount prototyping area.
·         External Battery connection available.
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