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DualPIC is a cost effective high-speed StandAlone Programmer for Microchip Flash Digital Signal Controller (DSC) and microcontroller (MCU) devices. The Programmer has 2 x independent programmer circuits each with it''''''''s own EEprom image. This configuration allows 2 x target devices to be programmed simultaneously even if the targets are not the same. QuadPIC is connected to MPLAB IDE or any other GUI running on a PC using a full speed USB interface to download only once inititally the hex image into each independent programmer''''''''s EEprom. DualPIC can be connected to the same type or different type of target boards via RJ-11 to ICSP connector (LPISCP-AC164110).

1. DualPIC Standalone Programmer

2. 5V Power Adaptor

3. User manual

4. MPLAB CD containg sample codes

  • Internal Programmer with its own EEPROM for storing Hex image and with its own LED status.
  • Target device can be programmed independently i.e. without PC.
  • One single ''''PROGRAM'''' switch to Successively program the devices.
  • Uses the highly successful & proven ''''Programmer-to-Go'''' concept of PICkit 3 in MPLAB IDE & IPE with MASTER circuit for synchronization.
  • No need to power target from external power source.
  • Under ''''Settings'''', select ''''Power to target supplied by PICkit 3.
  • DualPIC programmer must be powered by USB only.

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