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The OptoLyzer Studio Foundation main GUI includes an open and flexible software concept that is based on .NET technology. The Foundation edition is more than a pure viewer application since it assures powerful monitoring capabilities in traces as well as in graphs next to an Activity section where users can create own tasks by generating messages and setting bookmarks.

Flexibility meets Innovation

Automotive engineers are continually grappling with challenges such as shorter development cycles and higher design complexity. This is our motivation to bring the new OptoLyzer Studio software to the market. It offers users a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool chain that addresses the aforementioned issues and performs as needed, every time, for all applications and use cases within every major automotive network.
The universal OptoLyzer Studio software reduces complexity and cost and shortens time-to-market for all activities related to test and simulation and covers all requirements for conducting analysis and verification, helping to ensure quality from the earliest design stages. In addition to supporting all major automotive buses, the .NET-based tool leverages cost-effective open technologies that allow customized extensions, making it the most flexible option to the automotive industry.

Product Benefits

  • One software to support the complete development process from early design phase to end-of-line testing.
  • Capabilities for simulation and test as well as for deep system analysis for all networks.
  •  Brand new and modern software GUI based on the state-of-the-art .NET technology.
  • Open and flexible approach to allow open and common file formats.
  • Expandability allows to connect K2L solutions with own hardware/ software or with 3rd party solutions.


  • Data capture of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, MOST and Ethernet based systems in one solution with a synchronous time stamp.
  • A Trace View neatly arranges the messages of the different bus systems.
  • A Detail View displays catalog information with all relevant information of selected messages.
  • A Signal Graph visualizes signals over the course of time.
  • An Activity View offers graphical programming capabilities for message injection and the definition of complex procedures
  • A Device Manager View provides the functionality to manage connected devices and configure the state of all supported buses.
  • Drag`n`drop options offer a fast way to move and copy elements, like signals or filters, from one window to another and therewith help to increase productivity.
  • Expandability allows to connect K2L solutions with own hardware/software or with 3rd party solutions.
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