Product Title : PICkit 2 Debug Express

Product Category : Programmer / Debugger

Part No : LPPICkit2-DV164121

MRP : rupee 2,700.00

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PICkit 2 Debug Express allows in-circuit debugging on selected PIC micro microcontroller units (MCUs). In-circuit debugging allows the designer to run, examine, and modify the program while the PIC micro MCU is embedded in the hardware, thereby assisting the designer in debugging the firmware and hardware together. Debug Express interacts with MPLAB IDE software. Programs can be run, stopped, and single-stepped. One breakpoint can be set and the processor can be reset. Register contents can be examined and modified when the processor is stopped. Debug Express requires MPLAB IDE version 7.40 or later.

 PICkit2 Programmer Debugger.

·         44 pin DEMO board.

·         A to mini-B USB Cable.                  

·      CD containing MPLAB IDE, Demo version C Compiler for 8bit MCU’s, PICkit2 Debug Express Lessons, and Manuals & User Guides.

·         Warranty Card.

·         User Manual.

·         Programmer debugger.
·         Real time debugging.
·         Full speed USB supported.
·         Simple Breakpoints, No Software Breakpoints.                                       
·         128KB Program Image for On-The-Go programming.
 44-pin Demoboard on board-
·         44-pin Thin Quad Flat pack (TQFP) with PIC16F887 microcontroller
·         Eight LEDs
·         10K pot to elaborate ADC functionality of PIC18 MCU’s.
·         External Battery connection made available.
·         Test points to access the I/O pins of the MCU.
·         Surface mount prototyping area.




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