Product Title : Dspic33ep512mu814 Motor Control PIM

Part No : MA330025-3

MRP : rupee 2,507.55

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  • Modified Harvard architecture with 16bit wide data path, 24bit wide instructions
  • Two 40bit accumulators with rounding and saturation options
  • Two master time base modules can control dual 3-phase motors simultaneously
  • Features seven PWM generators, Two PWM outputs per PWM generator and 8.32ns PWM resolution
  • 32bit position counter and 32bit index pulse counter
  • Two independent ADC modules, Flexible and independent ADC trigger sources
  • Nine 16bit timers/counters. Unused output compares can be used for a total of 25 timers
  • 16 input capture, 16 output compare/PWM, Hardware real time clock and calendar
  • 15 channel DMA with user-selectable priority arbitration
  • Quadrature encoder interface

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